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No home is complete without a sofa. They come in various sizes, designs, and colors, and, most importantly, all are manufactured in different ways. When you go shopping, you usually look for designs. But the trend has changed now. The colors are the most crucial factor to look for when you go and buy a sofa. Gone are the days when only browns and maroon were the most sought after. Now there are various colors such as orange, purple and pink sofa which are becoming the new talk of the town. This new norm is sure to stay, and more colors are to be incorporated with time.

If you are a savvy sofa shopper struggling to find the right balance, read through this article to know the best sofa colors for 2021.

Why are sofa colors important?

Before we come to sofa colors, let’s see why colors are essential? Why have we incorporated colors in our lives? There must be a reason that people want to opt for prominent colors in the surroundings, such as furniture, colored walls, colored drapes, pottery, and even cars.

The colors play an essential role in defining who we are and how we define ourselves. Many people who live a dull, boring life have everything dull-colored, such as off-white and pale yellow. At the same time, people who tend to live life to the fullest will be seen with vibrating colors all around them. The greens, blue, orange, brown, red, and pink are the name a few sofas. They incorporate colors everywhere, especially in furniture, because it defines the taste of living. Imagine yourself on the pink sofa and surrounded by surreal colors and decorative items.

So having a sofa which is of a new color is highly important as well. It is one of the essential items in your living room and is essential where family and friends get together. The room will radiate and give a vibrant vibe to the whole atmosphere. So having a color sofa is vital.

Popular sofa colors:

If you are trying to find out which sofa color is essential and looks best, then look no further; below are the most popular sofa colors of 2021.

  1. The new blue:

Blue can be the most bluetal color of the season. It is the most calming color with a pleasing tone to it. It naturally blends into the tranquil environment making peace everywhere. You can combine the blue color couch with a pink sofa to get the extra touch to the room. Or you can blend it with other seasonal colors to get the combination wheel feel.

  1. green:

There are lots of green available on the color card. You can have a lime green combined with a darker shade. Or blend some cool green with minty soft green. Green is a popular choice when it comes to selecting one. It goes well with natural or white wall paint and wallpapers. Your room can look stunning if adorned in such a color scheme and has decorations in some combinations.

  1. Snow white:

White is the most favorite color of all. Though many people term it as a sad color, if combined with some chic color, it can catch many. You Can have a white sofa paired with multi-color cushions and a rug underneath. With that, throw some purple, pink, or red pillows to have diversified color shade in the living room.

  1. pink:

Who doesn’t care about the new hot pink? Keep a lovely pink sofa right in the middle of the room or the corner with a center table and chairs for that perfect family-oriented look. Even the children would love it. Gone are the days when it was associated with women only, how many families, including men, optic this color shade.

  1. grey:

Let’s not forget the grey. It is the only color that suits all shades well and creates a neutral tone for decorative foundations. Keep a grey color sofa with neutral paint on the wall to have the calming effect everybody adores. It will also go well with a shade of soft pink sofa on the corner.

  1. red:

Red never goes out of fashion. You go to the shops, and you will see sofas in red and various colors. Maroon and deep dark red are most famous as sofas, and customers usually buy them at first sight. This feisty color will brighten up the living room and create harmony with other colors.

  1. beige:

Beige is the de facto color for all interior designers. There will seldom be a house where beige is not present in any form, be it wall paint, rug, or sofa. The new trend suggests that beige sofas are sold more than others as it is a color which suits well even if you have not planned earlier about redecorating the house. You can keep a beige sofa in any space, and it will look inviting.

  1. Pale pastels

Pale pastels have an upscale touch to them when used in sofas. Many people associate it as too feminine but combine pale colors with brighter hues and prints on walls. The elements will automatically lighten up the room. The sofa will become the focal point and make everything versatile. Even a pink sofa can be used here with a pale couch to create a shaded environment.


There are many colors that you can incorporate in your living room when it comes to sofas. Gone are the days when people had one or two types and colors to choose from the list. Now you have many orange shades, green and red family. All colors are available online and in the market if you want to see them first physically. Imagine a pink sofa blended with some sober colored pillows and a lovely pale rug on the floor. It will be a dream for many people to have this combination and have all the ideas they want. So go ahead and have a happy shopping.


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