Look for inspirational choices in Sliding Door Wardrobes

Bedrooms are the one place you can truly get to relax, feel the stress of the day ease away as you unwind. It’s important to have a bedroom that gives peace of mind at the end of the day. One element that comes to mind is having a space that is clutter free, with all clothes and personal effects stored away to give you the environment you need for maximum rest and relaxation.

Sliding door wardrobes are one of the storage space options available today that give you ample space to store your clothes, shoes and accessories. Just as their title implies, they are wardrobes with doors that can move by gliding horizontally along metal channels, affixed on the bottom and top of the wardrobe. This easy opening and closing mechanism makes the wardrobecompact and ideal for all homes and apartments.

Here are some added benefits of choosing sliding door wardrobes for your bedroom;

  • They work best along the length of the room. This means you can choose one wall in your bedroom for your wardrobe. This gives you the room you need to house your clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics and keep them out of sight. In addition to being an ideal storage space, sliding door wardrobes don’t hinder movement and traffic in anyway unlike hinged wardrobes which can get in the way when open.
  • Stylish – the one factor that stands out with sliding door wardrobes is that they come in such a variety of designs that they can never go out of style. You can choose your wardrobe to come in any design and finish that offers luxury and functionality to suit your personal style.
  • Easy to use and maintain – getting in and out of the wardrobe is made quite easy using this style of wardrobes. This comes in handy when you’re pressed for time and you need to get your clothes and get ready in the quickest time possible. They are also very easy to maintain and require minimal maintenance.
  • They offer extra space – since they run from top to bottom, they offer much needed extra space within the closest. The wardrobe depth offers as much room as you need to store your items and this makes it easy to get to your items.
  • Easy on the eye – a wardrobe with sliding doors is easy on the eyes and suits any bedroom layout. It makes it easy to store your clothes giving your bedroom a visually pleasing look. By adding mirrors to the wardrobe doors, you get full length mirrors that don’t take up extra space while giving the room more depth.
  • They add value to your home – having sliding wardrobes in your home is considered an improvement and can increase the value of your home if you choose to put it on the market. They help maximise on space and make the bedroom feel less small and less congested.

Here are the main types of sliding door wardrobes;

  • Mirrored sliding doors – these are wardrobes that offer two purposes, first as a storage space and second as a full-length mirror. The mirrored panels can slide easily, are safe and won’t get scratched. They give the room an illusion of being bigger and more spacious.
  • Vinyl covered sliding doors – The sliding doors of these wardrobes are covered with vinyl for a glossy and smooth finish. They have aluminium tracks and frames and are very light in weight, making them slide easily.
  • Opti-panel glass sliding doors – These doors give the wardrobe a frosted glass appearance which is a very contemporary look. Commonly come in white or light green colours
  • Paintable sliding doors – In event you don’t like the colour of your wardrobe, you can get raw gyp rock panels and paint them in whatever colour you would like. They come in standard aluminium frames and tracks.
  • Multi-panel sliding doors– these are doors that come in multiple panels that allows you to mix the colours of the panels to your style and preference.

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