Wooden Fencing: Different Types for an Attractive House Boundary

A homeowner has spruced up outdoors and refreshed the garden; however, something is still missing around the home, i.e., a wooden fence. Beautiful wooden fences add an attractive factor to the property. Along with defining the boundary, these fences improve privacy and control entry. So, now the question is, How much does a wooden fence cost? The average price of installing a wood fence can range from $1,738 to $4,369. Wooden walls are made of different types of wood like cedar, timber, fir, red oak, etc. This article talks about different types of wood fences.

Types of wood used for fencing

The below mentioned are the woods that can be used to achieve a satisfactory service life of a wooden fence:

  • Fir wood

Also known as red-fir wood, yellow-fir wood, and Douglas spruce, fir wood is mainly used for building and construction purposes. However, these woods are expensive, and when used to make the fence, durability is taken into count. Fir wood is reliable enough for holding screws, and also it is highly split-proof.

  • Cedarwood

Cedarwood holds color well, is easy to work with, and is exceptionally resistant to heartwood decay. It is the highly durable characteristic of cedar that makes it an excellent choice for making attractive fencing. When it comes to cedar wood fences, a homeowner might wonder How much does a wooden fence cost? The cost of a cedar wood fence is around $33 per linear foot.

  • Red oak wood

A dense wood, red oak wood shrinks during drying. Generally, for more satisfactory service, timber fence posts of red oak wood require preservative treatment.

Types of wood fence

Here listed are different types of wood fences in terms of style and design:

  • Wood picket fence

Wood picket fencing is an excellent option for domestic settings, like a decorative, lower-level garden border. Also, this type of fence is used widely for sectioning and as a perimeter fence.

  • Wood lattice fence

Wood lattice fences are suitable as perimeter fences for residential properties or boundary demarcation. Additionally, lattice sections are used to add height to panel fences.

  • Wood louver fence

Wood louver fence act as a noise barrier and, thus, are a suitable option for reducing noise emanating from surrounding areas. Ideal for maintaining privacy, this fence is popular in residential areas.

  • Vertical board fence

Similar to wood picket fencing, vertical board fencing also provides privacy and also acts as a significant noise barrier. Widely used as a domestic garden fence, vertical board fence is notably installed in newly-built homes.


People have been installing wooden fences in their houses for centuries. Different types of woods are accessible, easy to shape and repair, durable, and aesthetically attractive. Does every homeowner think about How much does a wooden fence cost? If yes, they should know that wooden fencing is a cost-effective option to set a natural mood in a home. In addition to this, these fences are safe, and with proper maintenance and care, they can last for a long.

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