Things To Know About Floating Thermostat

The floating thermostat is a good alternative for those looking for an effective device to control temperature and keep the air constant in different systems.

Floating Thermostat Models

It is possible to find many floating thermostat models on the market, and each one is better suited to a specific situation, depending on its application. Some of the available models are:

SRE04F Line: these floating thermostat models have terminals for floating or 0-10VDC connection, being used on a large scale in air conditioning units and hot water systems. It is noteworthy that, in this case, the temperature-sensitive element is of the NTC type;

SRE05: acts with a floating signal, has the same temperature-sensitive element, maintains pre-set functions even when power is cut and turned back on. It has a backlit display to show various information, such as temperature;

SRE05P has similar characteristics to the SRE05 model, but it works with a PID signal (0-10V).

Floating Thermostat – Composition

The floating thermostat is composed of two main elements. The first one is intended to show the thermal variation suffered by the system and is called the sensor element; the other component is responsible for controlling this variation, correcting temperature deviations, and keeping it within the desired parameters.

Thermostat On Off

Central air conditioning systems used in various locations such as airports, shopping malls, banks, universities, hospitals, and companies use equipment to control the heating and cooling of ambient air. These temperature control devices are called on-off thermostats.

The on-off thermostat is a piece of equipment installed next to the central air conditioning system that automatically determines the ambient temperatures, whether for heating or cooling. This device has an ON-OFF valve responsible for turning the device on or off.

The main features of the on-off thermostat from Blackhawk supply are the fireproof ABS plastic housing (requirement determined by UL-94V0), LED or LCD with information on ambient temperature, status, and air volume; overvoltage protection and temperature and fan speed control switches.

The main applications of the on-off thermostat are geared towards temperature control, whether for space heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and motorized valves and electric actuators in cold and hot water systems.

To define the best device option for ambient temperature control, the ideal is to consult a specialized company that sells and imports all the thermostat models on-off. The company is a reference in the distribution of equipment aimed at controlling air conditioning systems.

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