How Lockdown Is Affecting Interior Design

Staying home has not only kept many people safe, it has also taught some of them that they have too many belongings. You only need to visit social media marketplaces to see what secondhand goods people are selling from their homes. From old kitchen appliances to clothes, to outdated audiovisual equipment and more, people are finding the truth that decluttering is indeed cathartic.

This increased trend of selling used items has left us with the question: How are lockdowns now affecting interior design?

From learning to live with less, and yet still have enough, many people have taken up hobbies both inside the home and out in the garden. One trend, aside from baking banana bread, that has been gaining traction during lockdown is adding greenery to interiors. Many potted plants not only brighten up the room with their green leaves, but they also have air-purifying benefits. To name a few:

  • Peace Lily: Its white blooms add a sense of serenity to the home.
  • Snake Plant: It is an extremely hardy plant that doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • Golden Pothos: It’s yellow-green leaves add a subtle, colourful element to a room.
  • English Ivy: A plant that can be grown on a vertical trellis within the home.

Another tendency lockdowners are leaning towards is the erection of log cabins within their backyards. It’s a great idea when you consider how versatile these constructions are. They’re also well-priced and can be custom designed if necessary. Some people use them as a home office to help keep their living space and working space separate. Others use them as hobby rooms or to entertain and accommodate guests. The possibilities are endless!

Space allowing, you could revamp your garden, with your log cabin as a focal point. Imagine sipping a glass of iced tea or enjoying a well-brewed cup of coffee on the deck of your cabin, surrounded by fragrant blooms, resplendent in their beauty.

Lockdown has brought out the upcyclers or crafters within many people. Why not try your hand at a simple DIY project that you can incorporate into your space? It could be anything from painting a mural, making a lamp using an old typewriter or a bottle, or upcycle an old door into a planter station or laundry folding table by hanging it horizontally.

There are countless ideas online as well as Youtube tutorials to help you turn something you no longer want, into something useful and functional. You’ll also have an added sense of satisfaction each time you look at your handiwork. If you derive enjoyment from the process of turning trash into treasure, it might be a lucrative option to market your upcycled items online. Everyone could do with an extra income during this time.

Bearing this information in mind, we’ll leave you with this thought: How is lockdown going to affect your interior design?

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