Undertaking a home renovation is always thrilling. Especially when it involves creating more usable and livable space. When it comes to the basement we all have our own dreams. Some of us want to convert it to a home gym, and others want to use it as a playroom. Some people even rent out that space. If you have a low basement, the dream of making the space livable goes out the window. This can easily be achieved by underpinning the basement. Whenever you are planning to undertake any home renovation, you must always reach out to the best of the best. have years of experience in underpinning the basement. They have converted innumerable basements into living space. If you want to lower your basement, you should reach out to them. The experts will guide you through the process. They will help you have a more thorough understanding of it. Till then, we are here to provide you with the basics.


What is understood by basement underpinning?

Basement underpinning is the act of lowering the basement to increase the height and turning it into a more livable space. This is done by removing the soil under the concrete slab or the crawl space. Once the slab is removed, the excavation takes place to provide a lower support level. Once that is done, floor and concrete footers are added. This helps to extend the depth or strengthen the unstable foundation of the home. Underpinning helps to increase the space in the room. It also helps to expand the square footage of your house in a more cost-effective manner.


It Improves the structural integrity of the house.

To lower the basement, excavation is carried out. During this process the foundation of the home becomes visible. Before the flooring is added the experts will examine the foundation. If there are any damages, then all the repairs are carried out before going on with the lowering process. While basement underpinning is going on, the foundational issues are also addressed. This improves the structural integrity of the house.


Increasing the height of the ceiling

As the basement is lowered, the height of the ceiling becomes higher. When the ceiling is higher, the room begins to seem less cramped up. It makes the space more usable. You can use this space for various purposes. It can be easily turned into a home office, home gym or even an extra room.


Updating the plumbing and electrical wiring

The excavation also allows inspecting the various systems like plumbing and electrical systems. As the power lines and pipes and all the other systems are removed, you can easily replace them with new ones. When the systems are in a good condition you can choose to retain them. If you have been thinking about getting a sump pump, it is also the right time to do that. Having an updated plumbing system will also help to ensure that the house is free from water damage. Waterproofing can also be carried out with more ease.

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