8 Tips To Create Stunningly Comfy Study-cum-WFH Corner

Today children have to sit at home and study just the way they would at school. But they had never imagined that life would come to such a pass. Similarly, adults never thought that they would sit at home and work in a virtual office. Even two years back, it was an unheard-of thing. But today, it has become a necessity. From this stems the need for a proper study table for kids and a comfortable WFH corner for adults.

Naturally, no one was prepared for this situation and, many didn’t have adequate furniture at home to tackle such a situation. Many families had to go on an urgent shopping spree which included study tables for kids and separate work tables for the parents along with ergonomically designed chairs.

Tips To Create A Comfortable Study-cum-WFH Nook

Tip 1 – Setting Up Office With Appropriate Desk & Chair

An ergonomically right desk and chair would aid in creating an ideal office setting or even a classroom for a student. There are various study table designs that you could look up for your kid or even yourself at branded stores online. Checking them online saves time and enables you to view innumerable styles and designs without stepping out of your home.

While placing the study table for students, make sure that it is placed against a plain wall to prevent distraction from other things in the room by facing away from it. The same can be done for you while attending office, video calls, conferences, etc. Preferably, the table should be set up right next to the window for adequate light. This also prevents a shadow from falling on your face and making it unclear. Next to the table, you can put up a plant pot to lift your mood.

Tip 2 – Drop-Down Desk

Many study table designs offer drop-down desks. It is basically a wall-mounted structure that makes a desk when required and can easily be folded when work time is over, and you want to switch the party mode on when your day at the office or class is done.

Having wall-mounted shelves saves that extra bit of space when you are short on it while giving you much required additional storage space.

Tip 3 – The Perfect Union

Suddenly, you hear that from now on, it’s a work-from-home or online studies situation, and you do not have the right solution at hand. Then what do you do? It is easy. Just make use of what you have at hand to save yourself from the awkward situation. You have a dining table or a simple coffee table at home. Buy yourself a nice and comfortable height adjusting chair online and, there you are with your new workstation.

Just do not forget to make sure that your chair has a backrest, armrest, and lumbar support and, you are all set to work from home or create a new classroom for your child even.

Tip 4 – A Swivel Desk 

A desk on wheels is what you need when you do not have that right kind of space at home. It fits in any corner of your home that you want to set it in. Again when you sign off for the day, you can roll it back somewhere else to make that empty space that you can use otherwise. Pair that moveable desk with a chair on wheels for easy movement.

Tip 5 – Your Quintessential Companion

Get yourself a table that has ample storage facilities in addition to a display cabinet; order from the range of study tables available online. And there you are, work-ready or school-ready. Organizing your storage conditions to an optimum level goes a long way in making life simpler in challenging times where all of a sudden, you have to adjust to a new situation and a new way of functioning your life.

Mix and match your open and closed storage facilities. You can have a small potted plant, a small table clock, or a frame or two of pictures that will help you relax a bit when the going gets tough. Your essentials are nicely arranged, and your workstation is clutter-free without wire and cable mess well stowed in drawers.

Tip 6 – A Moveable Work Station

Wooden study tables that can be easily moved from one place to the other are another option nowadays. Here the portable tables are a flexible option. Maybe you face difficulty concentrating or are simply bored with the same setting, then instead of sitting there being unproductive, move on to a newer corner in your house.

All at the cost of a simple yet portable designer table, you can start becoming productive again. With the simple click of a mouse, you get so many beautiful and designer study tables online.

Tip 7 – A Fun Corner For Your Kid

Nowadays, giving your child that “me space” has become all-essential, with hectic online classes and studies. It gives them the comfort of getting on with their daily schedule while you get going with yours. Innumerable study tables for students have flooded the markets with the work-from-home situation continuing for a while now.

Their own structured space will definitely go a long way in making your kids efficient, keeping things within easy reach for them. Choose a table with a copious amount of storage to help them manage the extra books and stationery.

Tip 8 – Convert Your Living Room Into An Office

For that, you need not walk that extra mile. Just squeezing in an adjustable coffee table will do the magic for you. A coffee table that converts to a wooden study table will transport you back to the office or even your classroom.

It is an easy conversion to office or classroom, after which it again becomes the gathering point for your family.


With the onset of the pandemic, life changed drastically for everyone. There was a time when parents would prevent their children from using the mobile phone frequently, but, today the same mobile is the lifeline for all students. And now everyone has been forced to change their lifestyles accordingly. Getting the essential things makes this online study and work-life comfortable for all.

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