8 Tips For Creating More Space At Home

When it comes to considering the value of a home, space is a key factor. Between a property’s actual capacity and its perceived spaciousness, both property appeal and its performance on the market is estimated. As such, it is often in the interest of residents to maximise their living space.

The reason for this value comes from the advantages that a more spacious home offers to residents. Increased capacity means the ability to accommodate more belongings and an increased number of residents. It also brings about psychological benefits too, with larger and more spacious homes contributing to a greater degree of happiness.

For those wanting to create more space, whether in the pursuit of value or comfort, there are eight fundamental considerations that can help.


Efficient and optimised storage offers huge advantages to homeowners, enabling lesser-used items to be removed from living spaces. Storage solutions are constantly being developed, with many larger items of furniture, such as beds and sofas, doubling as storage.


While much of a home’s interior design is created around the human eye level, it can be advantageous to think with greater verticality. Shelving, for example, while needing to be accessible can still be out of immediate reach if it raises items that are less often used. The same goes for stashing boxes atop tall furniture, such as wardrobes.


Whether utilising sheds or log cabins as a storage solution, having the ability to alleviate a home’s central living space from assets by moving them to a secure structure outdoors is an increasingly common way of improving a home’s capacity.


Being able to adjust a living space in real time significantly helps with capacity. If, for example, a spare room can see its furniture swapped around or concealed when not in use, then it becomes useful in multiple ways, essentially doubling its capacity.

Utilise Attics

Attics are frequently neglected by homeowners when it comes to storage, despite their potential. With even a casual laying of floorboards, an attic space can become a remarkable resource. Just be sure that your roof is regularly inspected!

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Having a bed that becomes a sofa is a great way to maximise living space. Residents are able to accommodate guests while also having a more general living space when no one is visiting.

Repurpose Emptiness

If you have a space under your stairway or a nook that sits empty, then you are sitting on potential storage and living space. By scrutinising a home’s design and layout, residents can often find areas that can be redesigned into something far more useful.

Build Below

While your home may not have the capacity for a cellar, it may well have the ability to accommodate a microcellar. These features are often used for wine cellars, being built below kitchen floors and making use of the ground’s cool temperature. However, they are becoming increasingly common as storage solutions for households that want to tuck a few items out of sight.

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